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Mr. Kapil Tyagi

Mr. Kapil Tyagi is an exceptional figure in the business world, boasting an illustrious career spanning two decades, with a relentless focus on marketing and sales. His management journey is nothing short of extraordinary, underpinned by a profound understanding of procurement, adept man management, financial mastery, and the art of cultivating a brand, an indispensable asset for any organization aiming for success.
Yet, what truly distinguishes Mr. Tyagi is his altruistic commitment. Through his venture, “SOCKET,” he aspires to mend the aching hearts of those in need. With his unparalleled blend of expertise and heartfelt compassion, he charts a path toward relieving suffering and transforming lives, epitomizing the power of combining professional excellence with unwavering purpose.


Business and Clinical Services Head

Murli Mohan

  • 28 years of Experience in the field of Rehabilitation and Prosthetics & Orthotics
  • Accomplished leader in Business and Clinical operations
  • SUCCESSFUL experience in Setting up new Clinics, branches, Labs, and establishing functioning procedures and flow chart
  • Lastly Owner and Clinical Prosthetist and Orthotist at HOPE and CARE, VAISHALI, Ghaziabad

Director and Head: Marketing, Brand Building and Sales

Leishaa Tomar

Leishaa Tomar, a distinguished B.Tech graduate with a remarkable track record of 5 years in diverse industries, stands as a paragon of versatility. Her adept problem-solving skills, characterized by both technical prowess and adaptability, have consistently set her apart.

Advisor & Mentor

Col. Harjit Singh Bhagat

Col HS Bhagat has over 40 years of experience in leadership role with experience in crisis and change management, including 10 years in hospitals and health care with Fortis Healthcare including an assignment in Uganda as COO of International Hospital Kampala;. Worked as Global COO with Orthoshed in the Prosthetic and Orthotics industry. In 2023 was a panelist and moderator at the G20 International Summit in the Healthcare Breakout sessions of the summit.

Advisor & Mentor

Mr. Sailesh Kumar

Sailesh Kumar is a highly regarded Artificial limb specialist whose 27 plus year career encompasses successful domestic and international growth experiences in consumer healthcare, and artificial limb industry. He spent years of experience in developing new design of artificial limb sockets with the Innovative Prosthetics and Othotics Team in USA. He helped lead the shift to medical equipment industry and later to consumer-driven healthcare as Director of Orthoshed with headquarter in USA. Sailesh played a major role in artificial limb fitment of Arunima Sinha who climbed mount Everest with artificial limb made by his company, for which he was recognized by PM Narendra Modi Ji.

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