Traveling for most people is a thrilling prospect of their life, so being on vacation for a family reunion or exploring new destinations. Though for people with amputees or prosthesis traveling can come with different sets of challenges.

If you have prosthetics, the idea of ​​travel can be overwhelming at first. Navigating through airport security and keeping your prosthetics comfortable on a long journey comes with some challenges. But, don’t worry! This article offers helpful advice from the experts at Socket Healthcare Orthotics & Prosthetics. These tips can help you tackle travel challenges with confidence and make your trip easier and stress-free.

Products You Need to Carry While Travelling

If you have amputee, make sure while traveling you these essential items in your package:

From a cleanser to spare prosthetic accessories, here is the list of the items you need before reaching your destination:

  • Firstly, you must carry roll-on products or Antiperspirant sprays to control your sweat in your prosthesis and to prevent abrasions in warm or humid climates. 
  • Secondly, it is important to keep your skin moisturized in the varying climate, so you must carry hydrating cream or lotions. 
  • Thirdly, to keep yourself germ free it is important to take Antiseptics or unscented body soap to clean your skin during the vacations. 
  • Most importantly do not forget to carry prosthetic solutions to keep it bacteria free and to maintain hygiene on liners, suspension sleeves, and sockets.
  • Must have Antibiotics to treat minor wounds that might occur during your vacations. 
  • Wound care supplies especially for healing blisters or scrapes during outdoor activities like hiking or trekking.
  • Carry an extra socket padding and suspension sleeves to prevent discomfort and maintain proper posture while wearing your prosthetic. 
  • Moreover carry products like duct tape, superglue to rectify emergency repairs, socket liners, along with spare prosthetic socks, and sealing sleeves. 
  • Portable tool kit with essential tools like a screwdriver for on-the-go adjustments or repairs.
  • You must try to protect your prosthesis from sand or water exposure with the help of protective plastic bags. 
  • Shower grab bar for added stability and safety while bathing in different accommodations.
  • Mobility aids such as a collapsible cane or an adjustable walking pole for assistance when walking around town or outdoors.

8 Air Travelling Tips for Amputees in 2024

Getting through airports, security checks, and navigating long distances in airports can be difficult when you have a prosthesis. But using the right strategies can reduce stress and increase comfort during your trip.

Charge Your Prosthesis 

Remember to charge your electronic prosthetic devices before leaving for a vacation to avoid drawing unwanted attention or causing disruptions during travel. 

Arrive Early 

To enjoy your journey hassle free make sure to arrive early at the airport, that allows ample time to complete security checks and arrange any required assistance. There are benefits of reaching early at the airport with this you can get access to a private screening area if needed. 

Moreover, be ready for the triggers you are going to face due to metal detectors of your prosthetic devices, that may lead to further screening procedures. So, always dress up in a comfortable dress while heading to the airport to make the detection procedure simpler. 

Choose Bulkhead Seating

While booking your seat make sure that you select for bulkhead seating, or get an extra legroom to enhance comfort during the flight. This service can be very helpful in a hostile passage through air security, especially when there are long distances between security checkpoints and boarding gates.

Request Wheelchair Assistance 

To ensure smooth navigation through the airport, consider requesting wheelchair assistance from the airline if mobility is a concern. This service can be very helpful in moving efficiently through the airport, especially when there are long distances between security checkpoints and boarding gates.

Take Breaks From Sitting

Make sure to take timely breaks if you are sitting for a long time and stretch your body and move around in the flight. Prefer wearing comfortable clothes during traveling and avoid high boots to protect yourself from security issues. Consider alternative forms of transportation if flying is not preferable.

Plan Your Trip Consciously

You must plan your trip consciously and thoroughly research and plan your trip to ensure convenience and accessibility. Read about all the airline’s rules before heading to the airport to get familiarized, especially regarding medical devices, to avoid any issues during your journey.

Pack Spare Prosthetic Accessories

Make sure you keep extra pairs of prosthetic accessories like liners and socks in your baggage to ensure safety.

Avoid Removing Your Prosthesis In-Flight 

Resist the urge to sell your prosthetic devices during flight. Instead, consider adjusting it slightly for comfort, but removing it completely to retrieve it later.

Empower Your Travel With Expert Prosthetic Support

As you prepare for your trip, Socket Foundation Orthotics & Prosthetics is here to help make your trip easier and more enjoyable. We will provide you with the right care for your prosthetic needs and share expert advice to ensure you stay safe and comfortable during your trip. With years of experience serving more than 5,000 patients, you can count on Socket Foundation to support you every step of the way.


June 2024

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