Amputees generally ask will I be able to drive after a prosthetic leg? Is it easy to drive or will I have to face a lot of difficulties? Yes, people with prosthetics can drive but in this blog we will take you through the complications that will come into play. Wherever the limb loss has occurred you will face an impact in handling steering wheels, controls, pedals, and overall there will be an impact on complete stability level in the vehicle. Socket Healthcare is here to help you regarding the medical prosthetic provider in Delhi. 

How a Limb Amputation Can Affect Your Driving

Instead of the limb loss or amputees, you will be able to get a complete return of the driving in the majority of circumstances:

  • Amputees can get back to driving vehicles after a certain healing time or in addition to adaptive devices. Amputees might have to relearn the driving process like operating brakes, gas, and clutch, with the help of the good leg or they can even use their prosthetic leg.
  • There is a possibility that people with right-leg amputees can also drive.
  • Additionally, driving depends from person to person as some people with amputees consider that prosthetics are helpful while some find it difficult. SO, there is a way that people who find it awkward remove the prosthetic while driving to have better control over the vehicle.
  • Amputees with arms require a person to relearn driving with limb loss, while other amputees will require you to adapt special devices to operate different controls. 

Important Things to Keep in Mind When Driving After Losing a Limb

Driving with a prosthesis is not the same for everyone. The condition of your remaining limbs and prosthetics may require modifications to your vehicle system.

Some tips for driving safely with prosthetic legs:

  • Follow the advice of your physiotherapist and doctor.
  • Always discuss your driving goals with them and do exercises to improve your coordination, strength and flexibility for safe driving.
  • Specific treatment actions depend on the type and severity of your organ damage.
  • If you have a foot replacement and other complications such as brain or spinal cord injury, be sure to address this with your medical team.

Steps You must Take Before Driving With a Prosthetic

Regardless of the lost arm or a leg you can move around. However, you need to take the right steps. We have listed some common steps that can help you feel mentally and physically confident and prepared while driving.

Legal Considerations

First, you must legally inform your state transportation authority about any medical changes or surgeries that may affect your ability to drive. This includes prosthetic legs for driving. The officials will then explain the next steps you need to take to drive legally.

Appointment With Your Doctor And Prosthetist

You will also need to make an appointment with your doctor. Your medical records need to be updated by the doctor. During this process, you will need to fill out paperwork from the Transportation Authority. If necessary, your doctor can help you fill out the forms. Some people may need an additional medical report from professional doctors.

Of-Road Assessment

Thirdly, before you start driving, the transportation authority will take your off-road assessment that will incorporate asking various questions related to driving rules and related to medical history to test your knowledge and about your medical history. Moreover, your sensory, thinking abilities, and visuals are also being tested. 

Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment

If your right foot is dislocated, you may need additional tests. Like an occupational therapist, various health professionals can examine the medical ability of your driving. They can advise driving authorities about your health condition and how it may affect your driving skills.

Final Words

As you can see, it is possible to regain mobility even after losing an arm or a leg. One of the most important things to do is work with the right team who can guide you through every step and help build your confidence. If you need additional help with this procedure, our team at Socket Healthcare Prosthetics can help! Contact us for the best prosthetics in Delhi and surrounding areas.


June 2024

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